Promote the Sorority Experience

Positive Panhellenic Contact and Promotion of the Sorority Experience:  

  • All members of NPC sororities must promote and advocate for the sorority experience. 
  • Communication with PNMs is appropriate to inform them about the opportunity and access to the sorority experience and recruitment process.
  • Alumnae members may identify their associations and personal experiences when coupled with an invitation to the overall sorority experience.
  • PNMs should never feel pressured to learn about only one organization, believe they need to decide before the appropriate time during recruitment or be made to feel a choice has been made without their input.
  • Download the Resolved to Educate: Positive Panhellenic Contact and Promotion of the Sorority Experience HERE

Letters of Recommendation and Legacy Policies:

NPC organizations continue to evaluate their positions and policies on sorority recruitment letters of recommendation and legacy policies. Only six NPC member organizations currently have a legacy policy that provides legacies with special treatment. Only three NPC member organizations require potential new members to have a letter of recommendation or sponsorship to join.  Please keep this distinction in mind when sharing information about letters of recommendation and legacy policy information with potential new members and parent(s)/caregiver(s). If potential new members are looking for where to seek letters of recommendation information, Alumnae Panhellenic Associations can direct them to this page on If you have any specific questions about your member organization’s policies around letters of recommendation or legacy policies, please contact your organization directly.